Leak Proof, 4 layers Highly Absorbent Period Panty

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Size: S

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Our Menstrual Period Underwear are Highly Absorbent, stretchy, comfortable and protective period leak proof. The proper way to be protected from leaks, stains and embarrassment!

  • Highly Absorbent of periods flow
  • Leak Proof 
  • Washable 
  • No need to Change Pads all day long
  • 4 Layers 

 It can absorb up to 3-4 tampons' worth of liquid ,great panty for women and incontinence sufferers. Women with medium or even big flow will not need to use pads during their period .Sanitary pads are not recommended by doctors when there's a better option like this period panty.

A revolution in the world of women biology. Forget changing Pads all day long several times. Women are in praise of this panty made of Spandex, Cotton. Our Period Panty is washable and comfortable